Without You

What’s a world without you?
I’ve been to a place like that before…
It was so long ago,
At least it seems
I only faintly remember
The darkness
The cold
The hollow
The loneliness
The hopelessness
The feeling. . .
That feeling. . .
Locked in a cage
Every day I wake
To torture
Physically and mentally
As if I wasn’t human
Like you
Like you’re supposed to be
Like I thought you were
Like you hoped to be
Why am I so deserving of this?
What is this flame
That sparks in your eyes
Engulfing your mind
To the point your hands are on me
And they turn red
But not from the flames
But from the sharpness of my screams
And from the breaking of my skin
And the spilling of my blood
Like the ink from a pen
What did I do?
What could I have possibly done
To make you so mad?
Is this worth it?
For either of us?
Leave me alone!
I’d scream to get a reply
With a fist to my mouth
Figuring it out
Is like wondering
Why the birds fly south
Or why they fly at all
Does it even matter?
Did I matter?
In that world you created…
Until I came across
A lost cause
Who hadn’t yet known
Their purpose
Was for me
I thank you for finding me
Or me finding you
Back when I couldn’t
Find a clue
And gave up on
Fighting through
Thank you
For this new life
This new world
For being the light in the tunnel
That shined my way through
A world without you
One I only hope to forget
Because even the faintest memories
Cut and burn me
The missing love
The yearning
For something
Or someone
I couldn’t see
I couldn’t name
It was you…
It was always you.
Cuz there is no world…
Without you




Aside from my passion and the depth of my love, I have no personal relation to this poem.  Although I have been through much pain and mental abuse, I have never been physically abused as implied in this poem.  There’s a lot of people out there that have gone through it though.  I just want you to know that you’re never alone.  There is ALWAYS a way out.  Maybe not now, not tomorrow or the next day, but someday.  You never know what life has in store for you.  Sometimes the answer to your prayers is in a stranger, who even when having no other intentions outside of this meeting, this first impression, turns out to be your world.  Your life.  Your salvation.  Keep an open mind and an open heart, and NEVER give up.  And I’m just a person like you, I’m available to talk for anyone who needs it or just feels like talking 🙂

Always with love ❤


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